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Happy Tail Pupdates 

Sharing the latest news and updates about our furry friends and their new families, this is the pupdate page! We love sharing success stories of our dogs finding their forever homes.


Post Adoption


Post Adoption

We adopted Archie in June of 2023 and have grown more in love with him every single day. Archie loves chasing squirrels, long walks, apples, cuddling on the couch, and car rides. He’s an absolute social butterfly and loves all humans, children, and especially dogs. 


Archie adjusted very well to his new home. He still struggles with isolation anxiety, but it’s getting better day by day. His mom and dad can even go out to dinner now! Archie is starting his training lessons today and those will continue for three weeks, so we’re hoping that after training he will be even happier!! We love and adore Archie so much — he has made our little family complete!

Gina F., August 2023



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Post Adoption

Rex, now Ajax, is the handsomest, the smartest, the get my drift! We started fostering and adopted after a week; he's been with us for almost a month now and everyone who meets him loves him. He has several invitations from neighboring dogs ( via their owners ) for play dates; I think it's his charisma and good looks. He's a wonderful companion for our older female GSD and is quick to mimic her. "during the day we chase lizards, for dinner preparation, we lie on the kitchen floor under Mom's feet, after dinner it's time for a treat and Netflix." We are so lucky, it's as if he's meant to be here. Foolish owners who don't chip and tag.

Michelle, May 2023



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Post Adoption

I've had Odin almost a full week now. He is the goodest boy.  He's a super snuggler. We go on long walks every day. When I come home from work, I find my walking shoes and his leash next to the couch. I played back on camera and he drags them over and sets them there. He's doing really well and gets lots of loves and pets. He's also doing super well at socializing with other doggos. He's the perfect pupper addition to our family.

Michael, May 2023




Post Adoption

Tory the Tornado is doing great and has been a welcome addition to our family!! She has a ton of energy so her nicknames are Tory the Tornado and velociraptor. Her favorite things are rocks (literally) and balls. Her least favorite thing is her tail. She loves to ride on your shoulders when she is in the car and will only sleep with our son at night. Her favorite place is our backyard rock paths and her least favorite place is the bathtub. 

Her favorite food is chicken broth soaked carrots (frozen) and peanut butter kongs. She only barks when she is feeling spicy and her zoomies are truly epic. 

Allen K. & family, April 2023




Post Adoption

We were lucky to adopt Reggie in January. He’s our first ever dog and we couldn’t have gotten a better boy to show us the ropes. He is such a friendly happy dog who spends the bulk of his day just wiggling with his fierce tail wagging. He enjoys playing with dog friends during play dates and watching TV with us on the couch. He even gets along with our rescue cat Mugsy.  They sleep on the bed together and sometimes chase each other in our fenced yard. The staff at FOD was awesome! You all have not only changed Reggie’s life but you’ve changed ours too and we couldn’t be happier with our new family member. Thank you Friends of Dogs for everything!

The Morlan Family, January 2023

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Post Adoption

Bobo is going great! He loves to watch TV with our son. He likes anything with dirt bikes or animals on the show! 

The Davis Family, January 2023

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