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Adoption FAQ's

What does my adoption fee pay for?



Flea/Tick Treatment

Heartworm Preventative




Fecal Test

Fecal Treatment

Heartworm Test



DHHLP ($50-$100)

Bordetella ($25)

Rabies ($30)





Transport fees can range from $200-$500, depending on location.

  • How do I adopt a dog?

    • The first step in the process is to thoroughly complete an application. Once we receive and review that, we will contact your veterinarian, landlord, and other references as applicable. ​

  • Do you adopt to renters?

    • Yes! However, first, we’ll need to check with your landlord to make sure dogs are allowed in your rental unit. We’ll also check on any weight, size, or breed restrictions. This is particularly important if you are adopting a puppy, because we cannot guarantee what size or weight a puppy will grow to be.

    • If you rent an apartment, we’ll also need to discuss a plan for exercising your dog, including, perhaps, visits to doggie daycare or a fenced in dog park. We realize that different dogs have different exercise needs and that some dogs are a better match for apartment living. We will work with you to find a dog suitable to your living situation.

  • Do I need to have a fenced yard?

    • No, however, we strongly urge you never to allow your dog off leash in an un-fenced area.

  • Can I leave my dog outside?

    • No. Any dog adopted from Friends of Dogs shall reside indoors, in your home, and live as a family member and companion only. The dog will not be kept outdoors during the adopter's working hours, or at any other time left alone outdoors unsupervised, or while the adopter is not at home. The dog may be confined to a room such as a bedroom or basement, or any other room of adequate size, and protected from the elements of weather.

  • Can you guarantee a dog's breed?

    • No. Unfortunately, the inherent nature of dog rescue means, we cannot guarantee a dog’s breed. Many dogs end up in shelters because they are strays, and others are turned in by owners who don’t know or don’t share their pet’s history. Even when we know the puppy’s mom, we only know half of the mix. The best we can do is make an educated guess based on the dog’s appearance and temperament.

  • What if my adopted dog is having trouble?

    • Most dogs will take some time to decompress and transition into their new home. Here is a helpful article about decompression time. Every dog will make the transition to a new home at their own speed. It can take a shelter dog six to eight weeks or even more to fully adjust to their new home.

    • All of our dogs come with 30 days of support, to help you transition your new dog into your home. This benefit includes free access to Petcademy's team of trainers/behaviorists, as well as access to online materials that will help your dog settle into your home. You can text unlimited questions to Petcademy and they'll respond within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

  • What if I cannot keep my adopted dog?

    • If for any reason, you cannot keep your adopted dog, let us know as soon as possible. We will begin the process of taking them back. But, remember, we are here for you before that decision is made. If you have problems – no matter how small – let us know before they become big! We can then provide you the advice and support you need to fix the problems before they get out of control.

Additional Adoption Info

  1. All adopters must fill out an application thoroughly and completely. The application is through Shelterluv, where all of our available pets are listed.

  2. Friends of Dogs will not adopt an unaltered (not spayed or neutered) dog over the age of 6 months to any adopter.

    • ​Puppies (under 6 months) are adopted unaltered, but adopter signs a contract to have the puppy spayed or neutered. Friends of Dogs makes the appointment for the procedures and obtains proof when it is completed.​​

  3. Friends of Dogs will not adopt a dog into a home with unaltered resident pets.

  4. Friends of Dogs reserves the right to refuse adoption of a particular pet into a home where it finds evidence the adoption has little likelihood of being successful.

  5. Adopters must be 18 years old or over and have a valid photo ID.

  6. Friends of Dogs will do due diligence to insure the adopter’s living arrangements and lifestyle are a good match for a new pet. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Calling the adopter’s landlord to verify pets are allowed

    • Verifying home ownership via county tax records

    • Calling the adopter’s veterinarian to verify current pets are up to date on vaccinations

    • Suggesting a meet and greet with current dog in the home and potential new dog

    • Suggesting all family members meet the new pet prior to the adoption

  7. In order to ensure a life long bond between pet and person, Friends of Dogs does not adopt animals to be surprise gifts for someone else. 

  8. Potential adopters are encouraged to email us to find out more information or get questions answered. We want to set everyone up for success throughout the adoption process.

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