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Foster FAQ's

Thinking about fostering a dog with us? Please read our FAQ's to decide if fostering is right for you and your family. 

  • Who pays for my foster dog's vet bills?

    • We do! At Friends of Dogs, we are responsible for the cost of vetting and medications for your dog. We will need your help to administer the medications and take your dog to/from the vet for their appointments. ​

  • What if I need to travel while I have my foster?​

    • We get it, sometimes work calls or you need to go on vacation. Please give us at least a 2 weeks heads up and we will help find someone to take your foster while you are away.  Special note, if you have a friend or family who can watch them, we can have them sign up to be a short-term foster with us!​

  • Will my foster be trained?​

    • Probably not, but here is where we need you! After you give your foster time to settle in, you can begin to work with them on basic training and new tricks.

    • Foster parents receive 30 days of free support from This benefit includes free access to Petcademy's team of trainers/behaviorists, as well as access to online materials that will help you settle your foster into your home. You can text unlimited questions to Petcademy and they'll respond within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

  • What if I need help once I get my foster?​

    • We have an ongoing communication stream for each foster dog in our program with several team members on the thread. We are here to help you find success as a foster and answer all questions that come up ASAP.​

  • Am I responsible for food and supplies?​

    • Yes, the foster home provides food and basic supplies, such as a kennel. However, please do not let that hold you back from becoming a foster. We have supplies on hand and can help with food and supplies as necessary.​

  • How long will a foster dog be with me?​

    • Ideally, a committed foster home keeps a dog until it's adopted. This is an undetermined amount of time, but we see most of our dogs adopted in 3 months or less. If this is not right for you, please consider short-term fostering.​

  • How can I help get my foster dog adopted?​

    • Taking your foster out in public with an "Adopt Me" leash or bandana is a great way to socialize the dog and spark human interest. We also encourage the use of social media and networking through friends, family and coworkers.​

    • Great photos and videos always help get a dog adopted. The more high-quality media we have of a dog, the better detail we can provide on their online adoption profile.

  • What if I decide to adopt my foster dog?​

    • Great news! Fosters get the first 2 weeks of fostering to decide if they want first dibs on the dog. If you decide at any point during foster, that you would like to keep the dog, let us know ASAP.

  • What does the adoption process look like?​

    • We need you to help us! You know your foster dog better than we do. We will want you to talk with the potential adopter, discuss their home & your foster dogs needs with them. From there, we will let you help us make the decision if the adopter is a good fit for your foster. ​

Ready to provide a safe, loving foster home for a well-deserving dog?

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